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Magically inspired creativity

From its inception, SicMedia has applied a keen eye to user-centric design implementations. We have helped clients move away from traditional, analog advertising, and venture in a more connected and agile world. The boundary between physical and digital experiences is becoming more porous. User expectations are demanding simpler products and experiences, not more complicated ones. Businesses that understand this, reach out to us to implement strategic creative solutions to their most pressing needs.

Design Capabilities


Corporate identity
Asset library
Business resources
Print & press

Product & Lifestyle Photography

Events & activities coverage
Product studio photography
Stock image acquisition

User Experience UX

User buying roadmap
Web design & prototyping
Web-based product design

Content Creative

Social media content
Digital branded imagery
GIF & animation design
E-mail newsletter design

Production & Footage

Concept story-boarding
Creative direction
Product & lifestyle footage

Music Design

Project composition brief
Atmosphere direction
Soundtrack design

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