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A unique approach to what we do

These days, people are busy, distracted – and frankly, saturated by all types of media. Ideas and analytics matter more than ever, but how do businesses break through the noise and reach customers in a way that’s innovating, engaging and produce results in their bottom line?

With our digital marketing services, every content piece is produced with an objective in mind and distributed across social media channels and content management systems, to be later amplified through paid advertising networks. Our content and advertising strategies revolve around motivating a specific buyer persona, at a specific stage in the buyer’s journey, to take a specific action.

Creating purposeful content like this requires a well defined and robust digital marketing strategy; a plan that is developed from all insights gathered during the course our discovery process.
In addition to attracting your ideal audience and converting them into prospects, SicMedia is set up to make this possible in an agile, connected stack of capabilities and technologies that help brands ultimately achieve a return over their investment.

Digital Marketing Services

Social Media & Content Marketing

Planning and execution of digital strategy
Social media AOR
Community management
Copywriting & content calendar delivery

Digital Advertising

Social media ads & promoted content
Paid search & display advertising
Goals & Conversion metrics

Analytics & Data Insights

Social media KPI reports
Content distribution reports
Google Analytics dashboard segmentation

Creative Concepting & Design

Optimized graphic design
Digital branded imagery assets
On-premise & stock photography
GIF & Animation design

Email Marketing

Email newsletter template design
Contact, lists & campaign management
Email marketing KPI reports

Search Engine Optimization

Competitor analysis
Keyword analysis
On-Site & Technical SEO

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Web Development

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Design & Production

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